Welcome to the North Texas District Disaster Response and Relief Network, or as we like to call it- R&R. We, as God's people, are instructed to 'know the season'- in other words- you know fall is here when you start to see leaves turn brown and fall to the ground. In this season of humanity, disasters are happening almost without any break in between. We've decided that we want to be ready and waiting to respond- rather than wait and react. Whether it�s a flood, hurricane, tornado or wildfire, we want to hit the ground running within the first week.

Take a moment to look around our site. Look at the 'Info' on our trips. Click the 'Volunteer' button to be one of the volunteers, not only for a current trip- but to be notified for future trips. Register your 'Resources' to be used on a trip, or even donated. Or simply 'Contact' us and we will respond within twenty-four hours. It is our honor to represent the King by serving the people He loves.